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Acid Jazz
Afrobeat Funk
Astrofunk Breakbeats
Beastly Jazz Funk
Deep South Blues
Ghoulish Funk Grooves
Groovin' Vibes
Hypnotic Funk
Jazz Funk Frenzy!
Jazzy Soul Beats
Latin Jazz Fusion
Midnight Grooves
Open Mic Blues
Smooth Groove
Stony Funk Fusion Grooves
Vintage Vamps Jazz Funk
Acid Jazz Fusion in 7/4
Appalachian Bluegrass
Atmospheric Lydian
Chill Out
Dirty Grooves
Grateful Dead
Heady Jams
Jagged Jazz Funk Grooves
Jazz Funk Vamps
Jungle Jazz Funk Fusion
Legacy Collection
Miry Afro Jazz Funk
Organic Grooves
Psychedelic Afro Vamps
Soul and Blues
Sultry Soul
Vivid Grooves
Afro Indo
Aquatic Funk Fusion Grooves
Backwoods Jamgrass
Cosmic Vamps
Furiously Phrygian
Gritty Funk Vamps
Heavy Grunge
Jazz Funk Afro Beat
Jazz Funk Vamps: Reprise
Late Night Jazz
Lively Dynamic Jamband
Natural Grooves
Rookie Jazz
Space Funk
Vibrant Jazz Fusion